Who We Are


The Oxnard Music Advocacy Group, Inc (OMAG) was formed in 2011 comprising of educators, musicians and parents aware of the benefits of music and arts as a part of the education of children.

Our mission: The mission of the Oxnard Music Advocacy Group (OMAG) is to create, plan, and implement programs of high-quality music instruction for youth in the Oxnard community. OMAG applies its experience, expertise, and energy to the objective of enhancing the musical, academic, and social/behavioral benefits of music.

Background: Anecdotal and scientific evidence overwhelmingly reaffirm that music education benefits both academic and social development. There is overwhelming statistical evidence that, on average, students who study music at an early age demonstrate higher academic achievement and language proficiency.

By providing information and ideas derived from their multi-faceted experiences in music, general education, and other endeavors, members of OMAG collaborate to:

  1. Conduct online parent-child instrumental music classes currently with ukeleles and keyboards;
  2. Pursue additional funding through grants and donations provide classes at a minimal cost to families;
  3. Provide quality music teachers to schools when requested
  4. Collaborate with local music groups to support musical events and hands-on music opportunities.

Oxnard Music Advocacy Group, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit foundation and tax deductible donations are gratefully accepted and applies 100% of all donations to the operation of these projects.